Submission System

  • The papers must be uploaded to the submission form in accordance with the manuscript submission guidelines.
  • Abstracts must be betweem 250 – 300 words. Please do not add the references. The abstract does not include it.
  • If you submit a full paper, it must be at least 4 and maximum 11 pages (including references) based on the template of the conference.
  • If you want to submit your full paper, the system will show two options. First, “please consider it for the full paper proceedings book” . Second, “please consider it as an article”. Based on your chosen option, we will consider your submitted full paper.
  • If your full paper is not ready, you can still submit your abstract; and you can choose “I will submit my full paper later”. If you only want to submit abstract and you do not want any full paper, you can choose” please consider it only in the abstract book”.
  • Please use the templates of the conference even if you want us to consider your paper as a journal article. If your paper is selected, then you can adopt the journal authors’ guidelines.
  • Please use the template below for the abstract and full papers and please submit your file in a Word Document.
  • This conference employs double-blind peer review, where the author and referee remain anonymous throughout the process.

An Important Note! The first author that you enter will be treated as “Conference Presenter”.
You must add that you worked with by clicking the “Add Author” tab.
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